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Downhole Drilling Mud Rotors

New mud rotors gain extended life and used rotors can be brought back to life

Co-Rotating Twin screw segments

Our Fused tungsten carbide coating of co-rotating twin screw elements reduces down time while maintaining high productivity.

Continuous Mixing Rotors

Extreme Coatings provides at least double the life of hard chrome in these abrasive applications. Reduce dismantling and down time cost and keep expensive equipment in production.

Cushion Master Tip Assemblies

The same great protection for tip assemblies so they can potentially last as long as a carbide encapsulated feedscrew.

Parallel Twin Feedscrews

Twin screws can now be coated to offer the highest wear resistance and more importantly superior corrosion resistance for tough materials like CPVC.

Full Encapsulation

Extreme Coatings Full Encapsulation option provides the ultimate in abrasion and corrosion resistance for single and twin feedscrews. This option covers the tops of flights, flight sides and the root/core of the entire feedscrew.

Ultrasonic Welding Horns

Extreme Coating offers full service carbide coating and grinding for ultrasonic welding horns. Carbide coatings will significantly increase the life of any ultrasonic welding horn, including cutting horns, flat face horns, specialty horns, composite horns, and knurled horns.

Fracture Pump Plungers

High performance fracking with up to 500% more service life and less down time!

Cutting Edge Wear Resistance Technology for the Plastic & Rubber Molding Industries

Our high percentage of hard tungsten carbide particles provide maximum abrasion and adhesive wear resistance.

A 99% dense coating layer provides exceptional corrosion resistance and our mirror surface finish ensures easy purge clean between material changes.

Double the life of any feed screw! Guaranteed!!

Get the most out of your equipment with EXTREME COATINGS

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